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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

Here we explain how 73 Oakley Square (Urban H Limited) collects, stores and processes your personal data. Personal data is any information in our possession that can be used to identify you. This can be referred to details such as your name, address and contact details that you voluntarily submit to us via the website.

By logging in on our website or providing your details to us in person to one of our team or over email or phone interactions with us, you acknowledge that your personal data may be used according to the practices set out in this policy.

Information We Collect

We will collect personal details appropriate to interaction that you have entered into with us. If you have contacted us from the website or over email, we will record and store information to identify and contact you. This means collecting your name, company name, address, postcode, phone number and email account details.

We do not collect extraneous information from you and limit what we collect to only what is necessary for us to provide our services to you.

We certainly do not collect any personal data from you or your employees that could constitute an invasion of privacy. This would be data that can identify nationality, race or ethnicity, religious affiliations or philosophical beliefs, sexual orientation, political inclinations, trade union membership, or any personal information about you or your health.

How We Use Personal Information

We have a variety of reasons for collecting and processing your personal data. The first reason for having your name and contact details is simply to allow us to efficiently communicate with you in connection with your enquiry or interaction with us.

Secondly, we may need personal information because of legal requirements to know who our customers are.

Thirdly, we may contact you to let you know about new additional services or rates we have on offer, or to get your feedback on our service quality and any issues with the building or the flat that you are occupying. We would consider such contact with you over email or a phone call as a service communication.

Lastly, where we collect credit or debit card information from you or any bank account details, we will only use this information for payment or refund processing through our bank or card payment processing agent. Card and bank account information will not be used for any other purpose without your express consent.

Allowing Your Details to be Used

It can be frustrating to have to repeat the same basic information to us when you need us to assist with something or to have something resolved on your behalf. Because of this we try to use the personal information we hold about you where it is required to assist in such tasks. For example, in the troubleshooting of any issues you have with your internet connectivity or other aspect of the flat that you are occupying, we may share your name and contact details to an authorised external service provider or contractor of ours in order for them to engage with you directly to resolve the matter. As another example we may share the same basic personal details to the handyman when we have been asked to help with arranging repairs or work to be done in your flat.

We will not use your personal information for any purpose that is not connected with enjoyment of the flat you have rented or licensed to use andany additional services in connection that you have subscribed for or utilised.

Where you use a credit or debit card to pay for your rent or licence fees and charges for  anyadditional services, we will be sharing your card details with a third-party payment provider which will securely process our transactions. Information relating to your transactions, including your card details, will be shared with this third-party payment provider.

Rights to Personal Information and Accuracy of Information

We provide you with the right access to your personal information and the right to correct your personal information so that it is accurate.

You can request for details of all the personal information that we hold about you and we will provide this to you as soon as we can and no longer than a month from the date of your request.

It is important for us to have accurate information on your contact details. You can change or amend your contact details by letting us know over email at, by calling us on 020 3872 3889.

If you wish to request for details of the personal information we hold about you please also email or call us at the same address and phone number.

How We Secure Your Information

We will use appropriate measures and controls to protect the personal information you have provided to us, as well as ensuring that the partners and companies we work with to deliver our services to you are equally careful with your information.

This means that we will use the relevant technical and organisational measures to prevent the loss, misuse, destruction or alteration of your personal information and that we will periodically test, audit and monitor our systems with appropriate Information Security standards and relevant Data Protection regulation.

How Long Your Information is Stored

We do not store your personal information for longer than is necessary to meet the purpose for which it was obtained. We will not keep your personal information for longer than 6 years. This is the statutory retention period for HMRC records.

Updates to Policy

We periodically revisit our Privacy Policy and may make changes where necessary. When we do make a change to it we will email you the latest version of it.

Contacting Us

To talk to us about anything in this policy, find out more about your rights or to act on your rights, please contact us by email at, by calling us on 020 3872 3889.

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